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Boston is not just another city  


Boston is a place filled with history, character and an incredible palette where new meets old.  It artfully marries diehard sports fans with some of the greatest minds in education, science and business.  


The landscape showcases this diversity by keeping the halls once walked by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere but adding glorious sky scrapers and modern amenities. Finding a home here is an exciting task full of options:  classic charm or stunning views?  Close to the Common or waterfront?  Over the river into Cambridge or convenient Brookline?  


A city with as many unique neighborhoods and personalities to match is an incredibly exciting place to live- I look forward to helping you find your perfect space!


As we sift through all of the data and information out there- I found this to be a helpful and interesting resource.  This was provided by Compass as ready made material- so I can't take credit for it- but I wanted to get it out there- and I have to ask- what do you think? 


"What will be the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis?

On April 28th, McKinsey & Company's Global Managing Partner, Kevin Sneader appeared on CNBC to discuss how his firm is advising multiple governors on when and how to reopen their states. In his words, the decision hinges on one question: how do you reconcile the saving of lives with the safeguarding of livelihood? 

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